Month: July 2014

A story in ‘Songs Of Other Places’ – New Writing Scotland 32


I have a story (called Remote) in this year’s New Writing Scotland. I haven’t read any of the stories yet but it’s great to see Ever Dundas in the line up. (Another graduate of the Napier Creative Writing MA)

The inspiration for ‘Remote’ was the paradoxical nature of military drone operations. The easy assumptions are that drones are ‘clinical’ and ‘inhuman’, turning warfare into a computer game, with the pilots distanced from the human cost of their actions. However, what is striking in the reports of drone operations, is the almost intimate knowledge that the pilots have of the target populations. There is a parallel duality in IT, where computer systems are seen as impersonal, remote, and uncontrollable, yet are designed, maintained, controlled (and corrupted) by humans. I wanted to face off ‘Remote vs Intimate’ as the core of the story.