TFFX – The Future Fire Ten Year Anthology – Trailer Microstory

Rather thrillingly The Future Fire are bringing out TFFX, an anthology of selected stories from the magazine to celebrate their ten-year anniversary. And even more thrillingly (for me, at any rate) they are going to include my short story Art Attack!


As part of the celebrations they’ve been asking the authors to write a microstory that takes place 10 years after the original story. And my contribution ‘2084’ is now up on the Future Fire blog site HERE

It was an interesting exercise to write a ’10 years after’ – which is also a sort of trailer for the Art Attack! story. In the event, I rather drifted away from the Art Attack universe. I didn’t want to satirise the same things twice, so the world of the story had to change accordingly. What I did keep was the rather sarcastic contemptuous attitude, and the ‘motto inserts’. Another thing I thought would be fun this time around was to make the literary allusion more explicit. Art Attack! has allusions also (or perhaps more properly called thefts) but they are so obscure they are only amusing to me. It was nice to have the chance to revisit that aspect of the original story — and this time — give the literary allusion a proper use.

On a personal note, due to too much ‘stuff’ (not interesting or varied stuff, but a lot of it), I haven’t written anything in ages — so it was great to have the prompt to do some writing, and be reminded of the fun of it.

Part and parcel of the way publishing is changing – and appropriate to an SF magazine especially — The Future Fire are running a fundraiser so the anthology is sort of pre-sold before they publish. All very interesting.

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