Take Tea With Turing

I’ve got something billed as an ‘animation’ in the Take Tea With Turing App that’s being released into the wild on 23-November as part of the Turing centenial. I’d like to make something clear immediately to all animators — technically, it’s an animation, in reality it’s some words that move up a screen. ¬†Just to make that plain…

There’s some really interesting contributors — proper, leading edge researchers in informatics and linguistics, Gavin from Writers’ Bloc, various authors with distinguished CVs and a composer. The launch do on the 23rd will be well cool… Hope the music gets performed!

Cheap as Chips

A cheap silicon chip costs one half of a cent.
If the average weight of a bag of UK chips is 400 grams, and the potato commodity price in 2011 is around $174 per tonne, then the potatoes required would cost $0.07. That is, the silicon chip is cheaper than the commodity price of a bag of chips.

For the $0.05 silicon chip, in 2008 on the commodity market, you could buy 180 grains of rice. (2008 was a very bad year for rice prices, at $1000 a tonne. But even so…)

The price of silicon chips has been constant for 20 years. Unlike food, of course.