Android Phone Sequencer

I’ve been playing about lately with an Android Sequencer on my Nexus 7. Its called Caustic, and its the most fun for $8 I’ve ever spent.
This is my go at pretending to be an Art School band.

Take Tea With Turing

I’ve got something billed as an ‘animation’ in the Take Tea With Turing App that’s being released into the wild on 23-November as part of the Turing centenial. I’d like to make something clear immediately to all animators — technically, it’s an animation, in reality it’s some words that move up a screen. ¬†Just to make that plain…

There’s some really interesting contributors — proper, leading edge researchers in informatics and linguistics, Gavin from Writers’ Bloc, various authors with distinguished CVs and a composer. The launch do on the 23rd will be well cool… Hope the music gets performed!

Cheap as Chips

A cheap silicon chip costs one half of a cent.
If the average weight of a bag of UK chips is 400 grams, and the potato commodity price in 2011 is around $174 per tonne, then the potatoes required would cost $0.07. That is, the silicon chip is cheaper than the commodity price of a bag of chips.

For the $0.05 silicon chip, in 2008 on the commodity market, you could buy 180 grains of rice. (2008 was a very bad year for rice prices, at $1000 a tonne. But even so…)

The price of silicon chips has been constant for 20 years. Unlike food, of course.